The Mystery of the Titanic


For this WebQuest, you will be learning about volume while solving the mystery of the Titanic sinking. You will learn to identify shapes and identify what formulas to use. Also, you will play the role of a detective and scour the web to find clues.


The amount of damage of the Titanic has been thrown around in different variations for ages. You will become a detective and finally put this to rest using geometry, and in particular, volume.


For this webquest, you will discover how much damage was given to the Titanic from the famous iceberg.As a underwater detective, you will discover the shapes and amount of damage. You will need to figure out the volume taken away from the titanic from the iceberg. In addition, you will need to show ALL steps on how you found these conclusions. This will be a difficult task, as far as I know, it has never been done before. 

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D Meekins


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CATEGORY 4 3 2 1
Explanation Explanation is detailed and clear. Explanation is clear. Explanation is a little difficult to understand, but includes critical components. Explanation is difficult to understand and is missing several components OR was not included.
Strategy/Procedures Typically, uses an efficient and effective strategy to solve the problem(s). Typically, uses an effective strategy to solve the problem(s). Sometimes uses an effective strategy to solve problems, but does not do it consistently. Rarely uses an effective strategy to solve problems.
Conclusion Conclusion is explained and summarized clearly, fully answering the question. Conclusion is summarized, and answers most of the question. Conclusion is there, but unclear, and doesn\'t fully answer the question. Conclusion is jumbled, unreadable, and doesn\'t answer the question.

In this exciting webquest, you will have learned researching and problem solving skills by figuring out a mystery. Also, you will have learned about volume by using calculations you found. Volume is a great and required tool in many career fiels, such as construction, among many other things. I hope you have enjoyed this, and happy new year :)


I am Darron Meekins, just turned 15 years old, and am a freshman at Flagler Palm Coast High School. I came up with the idea by thinking to my grandfathers, both who were in the military, one as a part of the Navy. i imagined his job, and it got me thinking of boats, which in turn turned me to the titanic. I have always liked boats and the ocean in general, so this was a fun webquest for me.

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