The Human Brain


Hello fifth graders! This webquest is going to be all about the human brain! Explore the parts of the brain and learn what they do! 



Frontal Lobes. At the front of the brain are the frontal lobes, and the part lying just behind the forehead is called the prefrontal cortex. Often called the executive control center, these lobes deal with planning and thinking. They comprise the rational and executive control center of the brain, monitoring higher-order thinking, directing problem solving, and regulating the excesses of the emotional system. The frontal lobe also contains our self-will area—what some might call our personality. Trauma to the frontal lobe can cause dramatic—and sometimes permanent—behavior and personality changes. Because most of the working memory is located here, it is the area where focus occurs (Geday & Gjedde, 2009; Smith & Jonides, 1999). The frontal lobe matures slowly. MRI studies of post-adolescents reveal that the frontal lobe continues to mature into early adulthood. Thus, the capability of the frontal lobe to control the excesses of the emotional system is not fully operational during adolescence ( Dosenbach et al., 2010; Goldberg, 2001). This is one important reason why adolescents are more likely than adults to submit to their emotions and resort to high-risk behavior.

Temporal Lobes. Above the ears you will find the temporal lobes. The temporal lobes process sound, music, face and object recognition, and some parts of long-term memory. They also house the speech centers, although this is usually on the left side only.

Occipital Lobes. At the back are the paired occipital lobes, which are used almost exclusively for visual processing.

Parietal Lobes. Near the top are the parietal lobes, which deal mainly with spatial orientation, calculation, and certain types of recognition.


Go to the website below and pick either a game or quiz about the brain. Write down which you picked and your score and turn it in as your exit slip for the day.