Current Events News Hunt!

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Let's do a practice of this to make sure we're ready to go.

Step One:

Today, you will be the National News Expert.

Step Two:

Part One:

Before you begin reading your article, read over the following short websites about how to make an effective and brief summary:

Better Notetaking Tips

Effective Summarizing Strategies

Part Two:

Here is the article that you should read:  New York Times healthcare article

Step Three:

As you're reading, draft a one paragraph summary of your reading.  Make sure you're highlighting the main ideas, and allow the audience to get the gist of the article.

Step Four:

Your task now is to turn this summary into a 30 second "sound bite" that you can read on the air.  Look at your language-is it dynamic?  Does it sound like something you'd hear a reporter deliver?

Step Five:

Practice giving your news briefing to other students.  How's your delivery?  Are you engaging and dynamic?

Watch THIS CLIP for tips on how to deliver the news like a pro.