Neolithic Revolution

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Assessment Rubric for Prezi Presentations

                                                5                      4                                  3                      2







Information presented in logical, interesting sequence

Information in logical sequence

Difficult to follow presentation--student jumps around

Cannot understand presentation--no sequence of information

Subject Knowledge

Demonstrates full knowledge by answering all class questions with explanations and elaborations

At ease with expected answers to questions but does not elaborate

Uncomfortable with information and is able to answer only rudimentary questions

Does not have a grasp of the information. Cannot answer questions about subject


Explain and reinforce screen text and presentation

Relate to text and presentation

Occasionally uses graphics that rarely support text and presentation

Uses superfluous graphics or no graphics


Uses a variety of sources in reaching accurate conclusions

Uses a variety of sources in reaching conclusions

Presents only evidence that supports a preconceived point of view

Does not justify conclusions with research evidence

Screen Design

Includes a variety of graphics, text, and animation that exhibits a sense of wholeness.  Creative use of navigational tools and buttons

Includes a variety of graphics, text, and animation. Adequate navigational tools and buttons

Includes combinations of graphics and text, but buttons are difficult to navigate.  Some buttons and navigational tools work

Either confusing or cluttered, barren or stark.  Buttons or navigational tools are absent or confusing

Oral Presentation

Elocution/Eye Contact

Maintains eye contact and pronounces all terms precisely. All audience members can hear

Maintains eye contact most of the time and pronounces most words correctly.  Most audience members can hear presentation

Occasionally uses eye contact, mostly reading presentation, and incorrectly pronounces terms. Audience members have difficulty hearing

Reads with no eye contact and incorrectly pronounces terms. Speaks too quietly

According to the NCTE Definition of 21st Century Literacies technology has increased the meaning of literacies.  To be a literate person one must acquire a variety of skills and competencies that include proficiency with technology.”  Therefore, exposing students to web applications such as Prezi is important to develop new literacies.  Furthermore, as Wilhelm points out these “new literacies are worth embracing for their motivational value and the connection they forge with real world literacy.”  Learning and using Prezi engages students as well as causes them to reflect critically on their choices as they create.  Additionally, it connects them to the world outside of the classroom.

 Standards: Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills

Social Studies Skills TEKS:

WH.29 Social Studies Skills. The student applies critical-thinking skills to organize and use information acquired from a variety of valid sources, including electronic technology. The student is expected to:

WH.29A Identify methods used by archaeologists, anthropologists, historians, and geographers to analyze evidence.

WH.29F Analyze information by sequencing, categorizing, identifying cause and effect relationships, comparing, contrasting, finding the mail idea, summarizing, making generalizations and predictions, drawing inferences and conclusions, and developing connections between historical events over time.

WH.29H Use appropriate reading and mathematical skills to interpret social studies information such as maps and graphs.

WH.30 Social studies skills. The student communicates in written, oral, and visual forms. The student is expected to:

WH.30A Use social studies terminology correctly.

World History should be introduced to students with the end in mind. A broad overview must be established early in the school year so that students can envision the totality of the course. A timeline is particularly important because of the wide range of material included in the course. The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills assigns specific periods that must be studied. The concepts of periodization, differentiating between prehistory and history and the shifting from a hunter gatherer society towards an agrarian society are emphasized in this unit of study.


The lesson provides insight on the course overview through periodization and historical points of reference in world history.


  1. Students may believe that the Neolithic Revolution was similar to some political revolutions that are often associated with violence.
  2. Students may have the misconception that early man existed at the same time as dinosaurs.
  3.  Students may also not realize that each civilization had its distinct way of sequencing events.

Differentiation: It will be the teachers job to match up a strategy with their classroom modifications.

Strategies for Differentiating Instruction
Based on Content
  • Utilize pre-tests to assess where individual students need to begin study of a given topic or unit.
  • Encourage thinking at various levels of Bloom's taxonomy.
  • Use a variety of instructional delivery methods to address different learning styles.
  • Break assignments into smaller, more manageable parts that include structured directions for each part.
  • Choose broad instructional concepts and skills that lend themselves to understanding at various levels of complexity.
Based on Process
  • Provide access to a variety of materials which target different learning preferences and reading abilities.
  • Develop activities that target auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners.
  • Establish stations for inquiry-based, independent learning activities.
  • Create activities that vary in level of complexity and degree of abstract thinking required.
  • Use flexible grouping to group and regroup students based on factors including content, ability, and assessment results.
Based on Product
  • Use a variety of assessment strategies, including performance-based and open-ended assessment.
  • Balance teacher-assigned and student-selected projects.
  • Offer students a choice of projects that reflect a variety of learning styles and interests.
  • Make assessment an ongoing, interactive process.

 As a visual learner your prezi will reflect using images, pictures, colors, and maps to organize information and communicate with others. You can easily visualize objects, plans and outcomes in your mind's eye. You also have a good spatial sense, which gives you a good sense of direction. This lesson is highly student driven Learning and recognized as an active dynamic process in which connections (between different facts, ideas and processes) are constantly changing and their structure is continually reformatted. Such connections are fostered through dialogue between teacher and students, and students with their peers. This makes ‘Student-centered Learning’ a highly social enterprise that requires the constant development of human relationships and communication. Students are constantly encouraged to formulate and re-formulate their hypotheses in the solution of problems and tasks they work on.

• Students construct their own meaning by talking, listening, writing, reading, and reflecting on content, ideas, issues and concerns.



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