Music History for 7th grade students


This assignment will help you learn about some early century composers!


Summarize some key points of history about one composer

  1. First you will be assigned a group to work with 
  2. Second you will all be given a composer to research
  3. Thirdly there will be a list of links I will provide that have good knowledge on who the composer is and what significant pieces they arranged
  4. Finally you will summarize what you have learned

To Summarize: Find the 1.Time span of the composer (what years they lived) 2. List some significant pieces that they arranged that you found interesting or fun to listen to. 3. Create a Venn diagram comparing your composer with a modern composer of today! It could be your favorite music artist or your favorite movie score composer. Analyze at least three similarities and three differences that the composers had.

Evaluation                                                                                                                                                                    Score
Time Span Students failed to identify correct point of time period that the composer lived Students successfully found the time period in which the composer lived  
Music and significant points of interest throughout composers life  

Students did poorly of identifying the key points throughout the composers life

Students successfully identified good music and points in the composers lifetime  
Venn Diagram Comparison Students failed to successfully complete the venn diagram Students successfully created a well put together venn diagram  



By the end of this activity, students should correctly be able to talk about a historical composer and how their musical creations affected the world.

This activity also provides students with a chance to compare their favorite music artists to the ones who lived in the early 1700's


Good source for information can be Wikipedia for the links to be used and the composers that you want students to investigate