My Family Tree


This activity has students create their family liniage and label them on a fun and creative template. Have you ever wondered how far back your family tree would look like? What did your Grandparents look like? Do they look like you? YOU finally get to see what that family tree looks like!



The students will complete a “My Family Tree” template by placing the names (or faces if they can provide digital photos) of their family members on the tree where they belong. If there are siblings, the students can place them on the left or right side next to themselves. 

This is the template: 


1) Studnets will be told before the lesson starts that they can bring photos (on a USB or phyiscal photos) to class on the day of the lesson. If they choose not too they can write the names but it is highly suggested that they bring photos. 

2) Once the lesson has started, studnets will downlaod the WebQuest activity on their laptops or in their computer lab. 

3) The template will be downloaded. Once downloaded, students will copy the tree template and edit in thier photos. Photos can be scanned or downloaded from their USB. 

4) Once their tree is filled in with photos, the students can either add in siblinds/children or print their template. 


An assessment of the tree diagram will be simple. If the studnets are able to add in photos to the tree, they have fully completed this activity and can recieve a pass. If the students are not able to add photos, they may search online or draw photos for full completion. If they do not fill in the diagram, the activity is not complete and the final assessment will be incomplete and result in a zero. 


This activity whould be very simple and every student should be able to complete it. It is fun for kids to notice similarities and differences between their liniage and notice how they share certain traits from thier grandparents. Though it's simple, teachers can change up the task by having the students write down their families culture and lifestyles that they share down the tree.