New master 1 - writing unit 1


"Some pictures are worth endless words". Choose one of the four pictures (or a different one you choose) and write an ESSAY about it, drawing conclusions about LIFE ON THIS PLANET.


The essay you are supposed to write is about LIFE ON THIS PLANET. Read the example presented in the text in the first Consolidation Lesson and remember that your text must contain:

  • a thesis statement, which summarizes the idea you want to put across - what's your point? how do you see life in this planet?
  • an introduction;
  • your arguments and the development of your ideas in paragraphs (coherently supporting your point);
  • a conclusion.

For additional help on essays check:


What's an essay?

How to write an essay? 10 easy steps:



In terms of language, you're expected to use:

  • expressions related to frequency; (e.g. "every once in a while", "more often than not", etc...) - EXPLORING 1
  • expressions used both to draw a person's attention to something and highlight the importance of the matter at hand; ("it is essential that", "... is of pivotal importance") - EXPLORING 2
  • at least three "as... as" statements. Choose from: 
  1. as far as
  2. as long as (CONDITIONAL) ; for as long as (DURATION)
  3. as much as
  4. as soon as
  5. as often as
  • parallel structures - grammar talk; for additional help, check: 
  1. examples:
  2. exercises:
  • (In case you decide for an essay "in first person") expressions to indicate whether you're in favor or not of something you mention. (go chatty);

Total: 10 points

Average: 7 points


2,5 - Connection between topic and content presented in the writing

2,5 - Coherence and Cohesion - Sequence of ideas; textual structure including the use of connectors.

2,5- Accuracy - Legible Grammatical structure, Accurate vocabulary choice.

2,5- Creativity - usage of advanced vocabulary ; experiment with new language.