Freak the Mighty Pre-reading Adventure


It's your time to prove your valor. 

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Ever hear of the word "chivalry"? Know what it means? When you finish this section of the webquest, you will know exactly who King Arthur was, what chivalry is, and why it was so important to the knights in King Arthur's time. You will also learn about some of the obstacles the characters in this book must overcome, and learn about the author.


Before you start, write your thoughts on this question on your webquest guide:

            1. Who are some heroes in our society today? What makes these people heroic?



The links below will give you an idea of how knights lived in the medieval times. Search to find out what they ate, where they slept, what kind of clothes they wore, and what their jobs were.



Read the questions below. Do NOT!! try to answer them until you have looked at the links to the various websites. The questions will guide you on your search.


            2. Discuss the role of knights during this time period. Include at least three facts.  
            3. What does the word "chivalry" mean and why was it important to a knight?

Keep these questions in mind while you are looking at the websites. Remember, when you finish, answer the questions on your map.

Click on the links below to learn more about knights.


The Medieval Knight

Chivalry: A Knight's Code

Now, answer questions 2-3 on your webquest guide. When you have finished with the questions, continue on to find out about King Arthur.


King Arthur

If you are not familiar with the story of Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, the following links will show you several websites with plenty of information about the legend. Even if you have heard the story before, check out these webpages anyway. Surely you will find some facts you didn't already know. 

Read through the questions below. Do not try to answer them until you have looked at the websites linked under them.


            4. What was Camelot?
            5. What was Excalibur and where did Arthur get it?
            6. Who was Lady Guinevere?

Now, keep those questions in mind and look through the links below.


The Legend of King Arthur

Other Characters from the Legend of King Arthur (make sure to read about Guinevere)

As you are reading through the sites, answer the questions on your webquest guide. When you are finished, continue on your quest.


Just Like You

Can you read this?

Grim comrs insidr and foe once he doesn’t tell me what a eat hole I’m living in, or how it smells like a lockee eooom brecause I foegot to put my socks in the hampee.  He sits on the rdgr fo the brd and folds his hands togrthre.  I nervre think about how old hr is brcauser he nrvre acts old, but tonight hr’s all whitr and brnt and his skin is seggy.


You're probably familiar with the word "prejudice." Some individuals are treated differently because aren't the same as most people. Some get treated differently because of the color of their skin, and others because of the house of worship they attend. 

Some people experience prejudice because of their health and physical abilities.

Everyone knows that it's wrong to make fun of someone because of his or her race. Everyone knows it's wrong to hurt someone because her religion is different from yours. Everyone knows it's wrong to insult someone because he was born someplace else.

So why do some people think is it okay to call them "retarded" or "slow"? In the book we are about to read a character named Kevin is nicknamed "Freak." This is an offensive name, however, Kevin uses it to make himself feel more powerful as you will soon learn. 

Be sure to watch the video below and check out ALL of the links to help you answer questions 7-8.




Click here to learn about learning disabilities

Famous People With Learning Disabilities

What is dyslexia?

Morquio Syndrome


            7: What are three facts you learned about people with learning disabilities including dyslexia?

            8: What is Morquio Syndrome? What physical disabilities are a consequence of having this     disorder?

When you are done writing, continue onto the next section of the webquest.



Ornithopters (ornith = bird)

The two main characters in this book are brought together by a rather unusual object called an ornithopter. Pay close attention to this as it become a rather important symbol in the book.

Check out the video and link below to find out about this object and then answer the question.




            9. What is an ornithopter?  Who invented and how does it work?

When you are finished, click continue on your quest.


Rodman Philbrick

Find out who the author is and his thoughts on writing this book.

Click the link, read over the site, then answer the final question.


Rodman Philbrick 


            10. Write three facts about Rodman Philbrick. List three other books he wrote.





You have completed the quest.
You are a honored and valued hero of a student.
Make sure all of your answers are complete, and then turn your work in.