Ms. Arehart's Literacy WebQuest

Teacher Page

This webquest page is designed to help connect parents, students, and the  teacher with the resources they need to use in order to better understand how to work through literacy, specifically Phonemic Awareness. This is a list of all of the Indiana academic standards that have been addressed in this WebQuest:

EL.2.1.1 2006

Phonemic Awareness:
Demonstrate an awareness of the sounds that are made by different letters by:
• distinguishing beginning, middle, and ending sounds in words.
• rhyming words.
• clearly pronouncing blends and vowel sounds


EL.2.1.10 2006

Identify simple multiple-meaning words (change, duck)


EL.2.1.2 2006

Decoding and Word Recognition:
Recognize and use knowledge of spelling patterns (such as cut/cutting, slide/sliding) when reading.


EL.2.1.8 2006

Use knowledge of individual words to predict the meaning of unknown compound words (lunchtime, lunchroom, daydream, raindrop).


For completion of this page, students need only complete the four worksheets within the "task" section with accuracy, correctness, and neatness. I encourage students to explore the other resources that this page has to offer.