Patterns of Stars (Constellation)


Ni hao! Did you enjoyed the song? I can tell you a story...

There was a girl named Twinkle, her father was an astronomer and she wants to continue the legacy of her father. At the very young age Twinkle is really curious about stars. She wants to discover more about patterns of stars, she needs your help. How can you help her?

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In order to help Twinkle your task is to look for information here Image result for emoji below hand


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It's Judgement time! At this moment you are about to answer this item. Before answering make sure you have read the EVALUATION part. After reading the evaluation part you can now click the link and take the quiz. Good luck and God Bless hope you can help twinkle 🙂




In order to submit your scores please screenshot your answers on every item, then print it in a short bond paper (colored or black & white), then submit it during our class. THANK YOU AND GODBLESS Image result for EMOJI SMILEY