This webquest will be to create healthy eating habits and also getting ideas on different activities we can play during this class. 

It will demonstrate how to play different games and how to accomplish health

y eating habits without temptations!


The task of this is to create a poster of 5 healthy foods and 5 activities you would like to learn within this class. Please provide color and detail of explaining the game


The process must include 5 different activites and sports you would like to learn or what you would like to teach to other students within the class. Not every student knows how to play certain things, so you must be able to teach them.…



The end of this project you should have a poster that involves color, 5 different acitivites you would like to learn or to teach to other students in the class. You must also have 5 different types of heatlhy food eating habits that would like to share with the class. 


My name is EMarie and i have made this on my own. I used Youtube and Google to get the pictures I have and the videos. 

Teacher Page

This is my page and I chose this project because it allows students to branch out their different ideas and be able to voice their opinions on differnt subjects. I like this project because I believe when students are allowed to be involved in the class, it makes the class much more interesting and fun.