March Madness Treasure Hunt


Hello Mrs. Baker's class,

This week you will be learning about the History of St. Patrick's Day and we will study Plants.

You will be going on a scavenger hunt to find the answers to many questions.  

You will have four challenges you must complete for your final grade.  All activities must be completed by Spring Break.  

You also have an Exit Ticket in the Conclusion section of this webquest.


Here are your challenges.  You will go to this website and find the article about Leprechauns.  You will read the article and read the questions and answers to the article and write a story either with words and pictures or just pictures of what you have read about.

After you finish this work show me and explain your story.  

2.  Go to Discovery and find the audio recording of a limerick.  Forms of Poetry - Limerick.  Listen to the recording and write down the Limerick about the Lady and the TIger and explain why the Tiger is smiling.

3.  Go to Discovery Education .com and watch the full Video for Life Plants.  The entire show is 45 minutes long.  I would like you to watch the video and complete the written assignments in your packet that relate to this video.  

4.  Go to this website and watch the video.

After watching the video write a summary of what you learned about St. Patricks Day.  Your summary must have at least 5 sentences.  You must have neat handwriting, correct spelling and puntuation.  

I hope you learn a lot and have fun.

After you finish each part you must turn your work in.  Before you turn your work in you may recieve a TREASURE from me.  Remember you will not earn your Treasure if each section is not completed correctly.  


All work will be complete and neat.  

You must turn in each part to recieve your Treasure.


Answer these Questions for your exit ticket.

What did you learn about Leprchauns?

What did you learn about St. Patrick's Day?

What was the most interesting thing you learned about Plants?

What are you going to do for your Spring Break?