Protecting Butterflies!


Hello and welcome to Science on Butterflies! Today we will read and learn about......... you guessed it! Butterfiles and the environment.


You will be reading three articles and answer questions about what you have read. You may write them down or complete the questions on the website. I will also put the questions on here in case the website won't load the questions. Combining the information from the articles together you will write or create some display of what you have learned and how we should protect butterflies. This can be created physically in class or it can be online. After we will have a group discussion about the information and share our displays.



How many butterfly species in Taiwan have already become extinct?


Describe how humans are causing butterflies to become rare or endangered.


What is the main idea of this text?



To make a living means to make enough money to live on. What do many people in Taiwan make a living through?



Explain how butterfly watching helps people in Taiwan make a living.

Support your answer with evidence from the text


What is the main idea of this text




What is one thing that butterflies are symbols of



Butterflies can mean many different things to people in Taiwan.

Support this conclusion with at least two pieces of evidence from the text.




What is the main idea of this text


Steps for Assignment Completion:


1.) Read all three articles and answer the questions


2.) Using all of the information create a display that shows what you have learned.


3.) Be ready to share what you have created with your peers!


Reporting Category

Well done!
Almost there!
Not quite!
Questions! 9/9 to 7/9 correct 6/9 to 4/9 correct 3/9 to 0/9 correct
Project! Created a project that had information from all three articles Created a project that had information from two of the articles created a project that had information from one article
Discussion! Actively participated in the discussion Mostly participated in the discussion Did not participate in the discussion
Grammar! On target grammar Mostly on target grammar Not on target grammar
Listening! Paying attention and listening to peers at all times Some of the time was paying attention and listening to peers Was not paying attention and listening to peers/creating a distraction



I hope you all have enjoyed learning about butterflies! Enjoy the rest of the day!