Nicholas A Massachusetts Tale


Wow! Nicholas has had quite an adventure!

Have you visited wester Massachusetts? Have you seen the Quabbin Reservoir? Mount Greylock? Cape Cod?

or Martha's Vineyard?


You will become an expert on the adventure that Nicholas had as he crossed the state of Massachusetts. 

You will stop at each of the destinations we read about in Nicholas the Massachusetts Mouse and create a postcard of your trip. Browse through our classroom postcards to get ideas. Your post card should include a one paragraph letter, name at two geographic locations (mountain, body of water, etc.). You name two friends who helped Nicholas and include how they helped him. 


Let's travel across Massachusetts!

1.    Search the online resources. It is a good starting place to gather information on some of the places Nicholas stopped on his trip across Massachusetts.

2.     Take notes and record your information of the graphic organizer. 

3.      Use your Nicholas book and stickie notes to find friends who helped Nicholas.

4.     Use your notes to draft the postcard letter.  Inlcude the geographic locations.

5.     Edit/revise your post card letter. Use your writing partner to help you edit. Write your final letter.

Create a neat, colorful, detailed picture on the opposite side of the postcard. 

Use graphic orangizers attached.

Use white oaktag postcard card paper. View Mrs. Tobin's example for help.

Have fun and be creative!!



WebQuest - Nicholas Postcard Rubric







Includes many facts, details take from notes.

Includes some facts/details take from notes.

Includes few facts/details taken from notes.

Content is minimal and work shows very little use of facts/details take from the notes.


No errors in spelling or grammar.

Few errors in spelling or grammar.

Several errors in spelling or grammar.

Many errors in spelling or grammar that interfere with content.


Post card is very neat, well designed, and creative. Writing is very easy to read.

Postcard is neat and well designed and writing is easy to read.

Postcard is well designed and writing is sometimes not easy to read.

Postcard is messy and writing is not easy to read.