Punctuation Correction


In the following sentences, the entire meaning is changed just by a simple comma. 

Let's Eat Grandma? | Writer's Community

Today, we are going to take a closer look at the function of punctuation and how it adds clarity to our writing. 


Your task is to thoroughly read the given passages and correct the punctuation errors. After you have evaluated every sentence, you will end up with a detailed report of your findings, including explanations of what the errors were and how they have been corrected.

Following this task, we will go over sentences on the Smart Board and each student will pick a sentence to come up and correct on the board, and then explain to the class how the error has been fixed.


The following steps will help you to identify and explain each punctuation error:

1. Analyze the given passages and identify each punctuation mistake. 
2. Use digital colored pens/ markers to mark the errors and write in correct punctuation.

3. Write an explanation for each correction you made, fully explaining why you thought it was incorrect and how you have fixed it. 
4. Organize your findings in a document logically, and share your report with me. 

Here are some websites to help verify your corrections:






Corrections- 45%

Clarity of Explanations- 50%

Organization of Report- 5%



After completing the Punctuation Correction assessment, students will be able to understand and present  their observations to the class of the correct and incorrect uses of punctuation.