simile is an easy way to compare two things using the words "like," "as," or "than." 



You and your team will have 30 minutes to create as many 'Happy As..' commercials as you can; you will present one to the class.


Step 1:  Get in groups of 4 students.Step 2:  View the attached GEICO Happier Than commercials (you will need to change the saying to Happy As...).Step 3:  Take the 'Happy As' Commercial Challenge.Step 4:  Your group will create as many 'Happy As' commercials as you can in 30 minutes.Step 5:  Students will choose their favorite commercial to share with the class.Thumbnail ThumbnailThumbnailThumbnail


Your team will be evaluated on a scale of 1-3 for different criteria.1 = Unsatisfactory2 = Developing 3 = Accomplished The Rubric we reviewed and you were given in class explains the requirements in more detail.


  Congratulations class!    Thank you for your hard work.