Researching Jackie Robinson


We're taking it back to 1947! Jackie Robinson has just broken the color barrier and solidified himself as one of the most influential people in American history.  He overcame incredible obstacles and withstood harsh treatment from the general public as well as his own team mates.  His courageous plight showed the world that anything is possible.  This site will attempt to broaden your knowledge and enthusiasm regarding the most significant and heroic moments as well as cultural icons that changed the landscape of professional sports forever.


1. You will research information about Jackie Robinson and fill out a research outline.

Part 1- Use the following links to gather information for your research outline.
  1.                                                     Society for American Baseball Research                                                                                         Describes Jackie Robinson's first game in Major League Baseball
  2.            Interesting timeline of Jackie Robinson's life and career
  3.                                               The day Jackie Robinson's #42 was retired throughout baseball
  4.                                      Story about Jackie Robinson's life, career, civil rights movement and his effect on society.
  5.           Biography of Jackie Robinson

                                                 Research Outline



Where is he from?



How did he become famous?




What time period did he grow up in?  What was it like?



Greatest Achievement


What is he most well-known for?



Why is this achievement so important?




What impact did this have on him and others?

Early Years


Explain how he first got started in his chosen career?



What got him started on this path?




What challenges did he face?





Nine Values


What are the nine values?  Provide a brief explanation of each.




All questions must be answered.

Responses must be detailed to show evidence of research.

Responses must be in complete sentences

Research Outline must be in the nonfiction section of your notebook.