The Roaring 20's


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The 1920's were a decade marked by economic extremes, prohibition, organized crime, jazz music, and more. In this virtual experience you will learn about the times of Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby and examine each year of the 1920's (1920-1929). You will look over significant events that made the 20's famous and analyze the impact they had. 


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Using the websites provided and through your own research, create a timeline depicting each year of the 1920s(1920-1929). Include what you think the four most significant events of each year on American society. Include pictures that represent the events of each year.  You may use any program to create the timeline.   If you use any other resources other then the ones provided make sure to add them on a work cited page. 


To help you find ideas and events for your time line, you are to look through each site, watch the video link, and answer the selected questions, which should then be incorporated into your timeline. 


  1. Flappers
    1. Go to this site and read the descriptions.
    2. When did the Flapper image emerge?
    3. Describe the Flapper's Appearance?
  2. Harlem Reniassance
    1. Read the article, "Harlem Renaissance"
    2. What was the Harlem Renaissance?
    3. What major factors contributed to the Harlem Renaissance?
  3. Prohibition
    1. Read the article, "Why Prohibition?"
    2. Why did people think that prohibition was necessary?
    3. Did Prohibition end the consumption of beverage alcohol?
    4. During the early 1920's, how did alcohol consumption compare to the rate before prohibition?
  4. Jazz:
    1. Where was jazz born?
    2. What other music styles were combined to form jazz?
    3. Who is responsible for the spread of jazz throughout the U.S.?
  5. Economy:
    1. Read paragraphs of J.Bradford DeLong's article, "Slouching Towards Utopia?"
    2. List at least two ways that the United States reacted at the end of World War I
    3. Name some characteristics of the 1920's middle-class economy in the U.S.?





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Facts were accurate for all events reported on the timeline.

Facts were accurate for almost all events.

Facts were accurate for half for the events reported on the timeline.

Facts were often inaccurate for events reported on the timeline.






An accurate, complete date has been included for each event.

An accurate, complete data has been included for almost every event.

An accurate date has been included for almost every event.

Dates are inaccurate and/or missing for several events.







The timeline contained at 4 crucial events related to each year.

The timeline contains 3-4 events related to each year.

The timeline contains 2-3 events related to each year.

The timeline contains 1-2 unimportant events for each year.





The overall appearance of the timeline is easy to read and has excellent picture.

The overall appearance of timeline is somewhat pleasing and has at least one picture for each year events.

The timeline is readable and has one picture for each year.

The timeline is difficult to read and has few to none pictures


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As we wrap up this web quest, it is important to review what you learned about the 1920's. An understanding of the history and events around this time will allow you to better analyze how significant this period in time was for the U.S. As you study this chapter in time, be sure to reflect on the topics present in this web quest and ask yourself, "What would it have been like to live in the 1920's?" This assignment is due on Friday at the end of the class period.