Religions of the World


There are five major religions in the world, and many definitions for the word "religion".  There are both similarities and differences in each one of the the world's major religions.  Your quest is to explore these religions in order to find the "secret key" to what we all have in common.


You are to create a book on Religions of the world. You are to research the FIVE major world religions and answer the following questions.

  • What is the religion's main spiritual beliefs?
  • What symbols are used to represent the religion?
  • Outside of the United States, in what regions of the world is this religion predominantly found?
  • When was the religion founded?
  • What are some other important dates associated with this religion?
  • What are some stories, myths or legends associated with this religion? Choose one and write a one paragraph summary of the tale.
  • List some other interesting facts about this religion?
  • Who are the important people associated with this religion?