Environmental Scientists and economists believe that clean drinking facility will not be available in future

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State Standards:
This lesson is targeted for Grade 11th Environmental Economics class
Content Standards:
Research on alternative ways to acquire clean drinking water facility.
1. Establish Observation, Brainstorm, and formulate hypotheses

  • Student can estimate the significance of clean drinking water facility.
  • Students use critical thinking and scientific problem solving to make decisions

Procedure: (30 minute lesson, 5 days)

Step 1:


You are supposed to form a team of 8 members who are going to work on different forms of the project. Following teams will be researching on the alternative facilities of the project and you can get details of your task from following:


Team 1: Heating Tube well facility


Team 2: Usage of solvents


Team 3: Installation of Alloy pipes

Step 2:
In this step, you will work individually to complete Alternative solution Fact Sheet for your assigned expert role by the team. Each member will find his Fact Sheet next to his role in each of the energy links.  Be sure to complete all the answers with emphasis on both the "Research" section and the "Comparison" Section. You are also motivated to read texts and refer library.

You will need my permission to move to next step.

Step 3:
Now you will have to sit together and start working as a team. Share your findings and make a conceptual structure. Try to make connections to your findings and then establish a persuasive chart which includes all the things mentioned in TASK section.

Step 4:

Try some new ideas to create your presentation. Use Powerpoint Storyboard for efficient presentation.

Step 5: 

Create your final presentations using the approved Story Board. Practice your presentation syles and methods. Each member in the team must have some part to share in the presentation. You are expected to be very clear, respectful and eloquent in your presentation. Make sure your presentation do not exceed 15 minutes. While preparing for presentation, your team must remember that you are a Panel of Experts and you are advocating your case in front of the Ministry of Water and energy.

Step 6:

Presentation Day: You must be prepared to present your Alternative solution for clean water facility. You must sit in your panels and participate actively in the presentations. Each panel will be given 15-16 minutes to present their case. I will take the role of a Minister of water and energy while two other volunteers will be the part of Ministry of water and energy. Volunteers will have adequate knowledge about the Alternative solutions