World War II


In this webquest, you will be exploring and analyzing WWII. After WWI, the world did not think that there would be another war, because all anyone wanted was peace. But, when Hitler came to power, people soon began to realize that another world war was inevitable.


Your task for this website is to construct and design a brochure or newsletter targeted at your classmates. This should include statistics, key battles, countries involved, etc. Your brochure or newsletter should anazlye WWII in detail, informing your classmates of what happened. Also, at the end of making the brochure or newsletter, you will write a short summary describing the war, including identifying key dates.


1. You will be split up into groups of 2-3 students.

2. You will go to the websites provided to find information needed for your brochure or newsletter. Any information you find that you would like to use must be listed on a seperate sheet of paper.


3. Once you have gathered your information, start making your brochure or newsletter.

*make sure you organize your information into different sections on your brochure or newsletter; you want to make sure that it is easy to follow and understand

4. Once you have made your brochure or newsletter, print it out and turn it into me. You will present these to the class later.

5. After you have turned in the brochure or newsletter to me, each individual in the group must write a short summary (at least 1/2 page) describing the war in detail, which must include identifying key dates. Turn this into me.


Your grade will come from group participation, your individual summary, and from the rubric provided below.

Beginning Developing Accomplished Exemplary

Brochure or newsletter is easy to follow

information is everywhere, hard to follow attempted to organize some of the information information is organized information is organized very well, can easily locate the information
Brochure or newsletter includes key dates, information, countries involved, etc. includes only one or two dates, little information includes three or four dates, some information, a few countries listed includes five important dates, information, countries listed includes more than five dates, a lot of information, every country listed, including whether they were with the Allied Powers or Axis Powers
Summary identifies main points of WWII includes very little information, did not anazlye the war indepth provides almost enough information to know what happened during WWII provides information from WWII, 1/2 page provides information and analyzes WWII, is at least 1/2 page

After this webquest, you should have an extended knowledge of WWII. Here are some questions to think about involving WWII:

What was the turning point of the war?

What would you have done about Hitler?

Do you think the United States should have gotten involved?