Sociologist Biographical Presentation


This is the begging of our exciting year of intro to sociology! As we begin our year we are going to start off with a fun biographical presentation individually to open students up to learning about the sociologists who we will be talking about all year. This project will also open students up to speaking in front of each other to create a relaxed learning environment!


For this project you will:

1) Read chapter one and take notes

2) Select a sociologist from chapter one to focus on

3) Create a presentation on chosen sociologist

4) Present presentation to class


Day One:

Read chapter and begin notes in class

Day Two:

Finish notes and chose sociologist for presentation, confirm with teacher

Day Three:

Students will read through chapter in textbook and take notes on their sociologist. 

Day Four:

Organize information for slideshow by synopsis, early life, thoughts, legacy, and death.

Day Five and Six:

This is a work day for students to create their slideshow presentation, using school computers and school Google accounts. Students are also allowed to work on this at home if they chose to, although it is not required.

Day Seven:

Students will present their slideshows in class. Each presentation must be 8-10 minutes long, points will be taken if under or over this time limit so please practice and time yourselves at home.

Presentations will be graded by the following criteria:

-Were the key points (birthday, education, thoughts, legacy, and death) presented clearly within presentation?

-Did the presentation flow smoothly category to category?

-Was all information used from textbook and cited correctly?

-Is the Information included within the presentation presented in an organized manner and is informational?

This is how your work will be evaluated









Were all key points (birthday, education, thoughts, legacy, and death) presented clearly within presentation? Meets minimal/no key points mentioned. Spelling and grammatical errors made. Few key points mentioned, and information is not presented clearly. Key points are made, but are not presented clearly by speaker and slideshow. Presentation hits all key points clearly and effectively.  
Did the presentation flow smoothly category to category? Slideshow was unorganized, choppy and did not flow. Spelling and grammatical errors made. Few slides were presented smoothly, still unorganized in parts. Spelling and grammatical errors made. Presentation went smoothly category to category but few grammatical and spelling errors were made. Presentation flowed smoothly category to category, no grammatical and spelling errors made.  
Was all information used from textbook and other sources cited correctly? No citations were made through presentation. Few citations were made, but were incorrect MLA 8 format. Can not tell if from textbook or other source. Citations made properly, few minor mistakes (page numbers, MLA format, works cited page, etc). Citations made correctly within MLA 8 formatting.  
Is information included within presentation presented in an organized manner and within time limit (8-10min) Information was not presented in organized manner; presentation was under 4 min/over 4min Information was partially presented in an organized manner; presentation was under 6min/over 4:30min Information was presented clearly, little mistakes; presentation was 1 min over or under limit. Information in presentation presented in organized manner and remained within time limit. 5 second over/under exception.  



After completing this assignment, I hope students see that they are capable of using resources available to them to learn and teach others. By being able to present a informational topic to your peers you are showing your understanding of the content learned in class and learned by yourself! Students should be proud of themselves for being able to research and present effectively, this is a tool that we will use throughout the semester,

Teacher Page

Fellow sociology teachers, this WebQuest will get your students ready to conquer the rest of the year confidently in your classroom. Once students are comfortable speaking in class they will be open to participate in class discussions and they will also be able to utilize information learned in your class to retain for future assignments, exams, and projects. The goal is to teach them skills they will need beyond the classroom!