South Carolina and the New Nation


During South Carolina’s early years, the Lowcountry elite had little respect for the people living in the Upcountry. Political representation was a major source of tension. There was a larger white population living in the Upcountry, but most of the political power rested in the Lowcountry. Not only did the Lowcountry have greater representation in the legislature but Charleston was the capital and legal business was transacted there. So the Charleston elite had a greater influence on the government. Upcountry people objected to having to travel so far to present issues to the legislature or argue their legal matters in court. In 1785, counties and county courts were created. The next year, the capital was moved to the newly established city of Columbia in the center of the state and equally accessible to both the Upcountry and the Lowcountry [just as the national capital was moved to the more central location at the District of Columbia. These measures helped ease, but did not eliminate, political tensions between the Upcountry and the Lowcountry since the Lowcountry maintained its majority in the legislature.




South Carolina agreed to move the capital to Columbia.  Use the websites below and more to find information about our capital.  


You will create a Prezi or Keynote (no powerpoint) with your group of 4-5 people that explains and describes the following:  

  • How did tension in the upcountry (backcountry) and the low country contribute to the move of the capital from Charleston to Columbia 
  • The history of Columbia, SC
  • Interesting facts, people and/or places on things in Columbia between 1786 and 1810
  • The Capital Building 
  • Make sure you include pictures of important places/people.

SC Journeys Textbook and SC History Textbook 

Please do not create slides that contain questions - Simply answer the questions in your presentation.


You must complete the following:  

1. Create a document where the following:  

  • Team leader's name
  • Team members names
  • Team members responsibilities (what area they will research)  

Write the information on notebook paper and turn it into the basket by the door at the end of the period 

2. Research  

Everyone must contribute to the work.  Everyone must research.  Make sure you are thorough and detailed. 

3.  Create your Prezi or Keynote.  No Powerpoint allowed.  If you don't have Keynote, please make a PREZI. You have to sign up for an account.  Your keynote must use animation like Magic Move and more.. 

4.  Turn your the link to your Prezi or your Keynote in on Canvas. 

5. Your group will have to present the information to the class. Your grade will come from your presentation and the content. 






1—Needs Improvement


  • Holds attention of entire audience with the use of direct eye contact, seldom looking at notes

  • Speaks with fluctuation in volume and inflection to maintain audience interest and emphasize key points

  • Consistent use of direct eye contact with audience, but still returns to notes

  • Speaks with satisfactory variation of volume and inflection

  • Displays minimal eye contact with audience, while reading mostly from the notes

  • Speaks in uneven volume with little or no inflection

  • Holds no eye contact with audience, as entire report is read from notes

  • Speaks in low volume and/ or monotonous tone, which causes audience to disengage

Content/ Organization

  • Demonstrates full knowledge by answering all class questions
    with explanations and elaboration

  • Provides clear purpose and subject; pertinent examples, facts, and/or statistics; supports conclusions/ideas with evidence

  • Is at ease with expected answers to all questions, without elaboration

  • Has somewhat clear purpose and subject; some examples, facts, and/or statistics that support the subject; includes some data or evidence that supports conclusions

  • Is uncomfortable with information and is able to answer only rudimentary questions

  • Attempts to define purpose and subject; provides
    weak examples, facts, and/ or statistics, which do not adequately support the subject; includes very thin data or evidence

  • Does not have grasp of information and cannot answer questions about subject

  • Does not clearly define subject and purpose; provides weak or no support of subject; gives insufficient support for ideas or conclusions

Enthusiasm/ Audience Awareness

  • Demonstrates strong enthusiasm about topic during entire presentation

  • Significantly increases audience understanding and knowledge of topic; convinces an audience to recognize the validity and importance of the subject

  • Shows some enthusiastic feelings about topic

  • Raises audience understanding and awareness of most points

  • Shows little or mixed feelings about the topic being presented

  • Raises audience understanding and knowledge of some points

  • Shows no interest in topic presented

  • Fails to increase audience understanding of knowledge of topic








Final Product- Group has a choice on how to present the final product (Keynote or Prezi)

Product turned in on time 


Product was not turned in on time 


Grammar, Spelling, Sentence Structure-  (Final Product should not be error free) 

Group product had 0 errors 

Group product had 1-3 errors 

Group product had 4-5 errors 

More than 5 Errors 


Creativity - Group Final product should be visually appealing, include graphics, photographs, and more  

Group’s final product showed clear evidence of spatial, color usage, fonts, and graphics  creativity

Group’s final product showed some evidence of spatial, color usage, fonts, and graphics  creativity

Group’s final product showed little evidence of spatial, color usage, fonts, and graphics  creativity

Group’s final product showed no evidence of spatial, color usage, fonts, and graphics  creativity


Historical Accuracy- Information has to be 100% accurate  

Group assessment of topic was historically accurate


Group assessment of topic was not historically accurate



Group summarized in their own words and/or cited sources if quoted directly. 

Group copied directly or failed to credit the source









I hope you learned a lot about Columbia, SC in your web quest.

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Bianca A. Woodard is an 8th Grade Social Studies teacher in Allendale SC at Allendale-Fairfax Middle School.