Propoganda in Advertising


We are bombarded with advertisements everyday.  They are all around us--on tv, magazines and newpapers, on websites, even on the back of receipts. These advertisement have a purpose--to get us to buy their products.  They do this by many methods, but almost all of them can be classified as a type of propoganda.  Propoganda is used for political or advertising purposes, but both kinds of propoganda try to get us to agree to something through emotion instead of reasoning (also known as thinking!).


In this webquest, you  will have two main tasks.  You willl define propoganda techniques used in advertising and identify them in advertisement.  Then, you will create a visual advertisement that uses those techniques.


Step One:  Use the following website to complete the Advertising Techniques Table.

Step Two:  

Use the following websites to locate ads and identify which types of advertisement techniques are used.

This link will give you other strategies to use when creating an ad.  Be sure to scroll to the bottom so you can see examples of different selling strategies in two advertisements.

Then take the following quiz:

Step Three:

Design an advertisement for a product that you "create."  Use the strategies you learned about.  Then write a "proposal" for your article that indicates which strategies you used.

You might wish to do some research on effective ad design, such as this link:


Your project will be graded on the following criteria:

Completion of packet                    ________/20 points

Use of techniques in ad                 ________/20 points

Explanation of techniques used      ________/20 points

Copy in ad                                   ________/20 points

Overall design                              ________/20 points


Now that you have created your advertisement you should be more aware of how advertisers attempt to persuade you.  Knowing how advertisers try to persuade allows you to think more critically about what they are selling and whether you should buy it.


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