Subtraction Practice


YOU ROCK!  You did a great job on your three question quiz but might still need some more practice just to make sure you score a homerun on your MATH Test on Thursday.  The following webquest in a group of games and activities that your teacher has put together to help you.  




You will visit five different math websites that provide practice through activities, games, and etc. to help you get better at your subtraction skills.  The more practice that you receive the better you will get at subtraction.




1.  In this website you will be watching a video to review how to subtract with borrowing.


2.  In this webisie you will play games and do activities using only your addition and subtraction skills:

3.  In this website you will watch a video about how to subtract three digit numbers that require DOUBLE BORROWING.

4.  In this website students will practice their addition and subtraction skills by doing worksheets and visiting the gameroom:





You will be playing baseball on the computer.  You will need a Baseball Worksheet from your teacher.  You will write each of the problems down and solve them showing all your work on your paper.  Then select your answer on the computer to see if you HIT it out of the park!


Here's the website to use:






After  watching and playing the games, the students should have a better understanding of subtraction.  Some questions that students can ask themselves are:

  • Do you think you will do well on the worksheet?
  • Do you feel that you are an expert at subtraction with borrowing now?  
  • If not what can you or an adult do to help you feel like an expert?