The Systems of the Body


The human body is a marvelous thing! In this project, we are going to dive into the body's many systems! In groups, we will divide up the body's major systems and the present them to the class using powerpoint or prezi and our public speaking skills.Image result for the human body for kids 


Within your group, you must research the body system given to you. Things to research:

  • Parts of the systems
  • Functions
  • Pictures
  • Diseases that may affect it
  • Fun facts to share

This is an ongoing project so be sure to take your time and be thorough as this will be your final science grade!

Together, you and your group will develop a presentation complete with photos, videos, diagrams, and/or text. You will also establish a presentation and script then present to the class using last quarter's public speaking skills.

  1. See Mr. Miller about your group and topic assignment
  2. Meet with your group and brainstorm how you all will attack this project. Questions to ask:
  • How to present
  • Who has a specific job
  • How much research do we want to do
  • How are we researching

3. Check the science board everyday to see what your next step should be.

4. Build your presentation

5. Develop a script

6. Present to the class!


Five points each

  • functions of the system
  • components of the system
  • Present as a group

Three points each

  • Added photos 
  • Colorful, engaging presentation
  • Enthusiastic presentation

Two points each

  • Q and A session
  • Vocab words

Extra Credit 

  • Professionally dressed

This project combines several things we have worked on this year; public speaking, the human body, research projects, using Powerpoint, and working as a group. With these skills, I hope to see some AWESOME projects. I know you guys have worked hard and this project is going to prove it to everyone. Have fun and always ask for help when needed. No question too small. No question too big.


Mr. Miller