The Holocaust and Indifference

Teacher Page

"Literacy has always been about using the most powerful cultural tools available to make and communicate meaning.  At the present, those tools happen to be multimedia tools that use video, graphics, sound, and traditional text in a hypermedia format" (Jeffrey Wilhelm 2000).

"The intent of text-dependent questions during close reading is to build that foundation so that students can eventually answer the former [evaluative questions] using critical thinking" (Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey 2012).

Some possible student responses to the Holocaust:

  • Why didn't the Jews fight back?
  • Why did Hitler hate Jews so much?
  • Why didn't the Jews just run away?
  • Why couldn't they say they just weren't Jewish?
Make sure the students are not blaming the victim, the Jewish people.  They need to understand that the murder was done TO them.