The Midnight Quest-Paul Revere's Ride Fact vs. Fiction WHAT REALLY HAPPENED ON THAT FATEFUL MIDNIGHT RIDE?


Fact vs. Fiction


Everyone has heard of Paul Revere and his famous ride, but much of what you think you know, may or may not be true. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow immortalized Paul’s famous ride in his poem “Paul Revere’s Ride." Much of the information most people have about the event comes from the poem, and not from actual history? As you complete this task, you will discover what is true, and what is not, and you will organize the information you gather into a presentation that will be interesting and informative.


Working in teams of 3, you will read and analyze Longfellow’s poem and investigate various websites that will tell “the real story.” After you have summarized the poem, taken historical notes from 3 websites and completed your investigation on a VENN Diagram, you will create a PREZI that compares and contrasts the two versions of this event.



a. Read Longfellow’s poem and complete summary page in your packet telling what happens. Include important events, people, and places.

b. Explore various websites and take notes on the historical version of and his ride. You must consult at least three different sites and document them in your notes. Once again, you will include the important events, people, and places.

c. Complete the Venn diagram in your packet to show the similarities and differences between the poem and what actually happened.

d. Produce a Prezi with your team to share your findings of the similarities and differences between the poem and what actually happened.

Resources- Visit the following sites to gather information on the historical realities of what happened. You must use at least three and take notes on what you read.  Visit all of them before you choose, and sure to list the site in your notes.

Product- You will turn in your packet which contains the following:

a. Your summary notes on the poem

b. Your historical notes from your internet research (3 websites)

c. Your Venn diagram

d. A printed copy of your completed PREZI

e. Your rubric


MIDNIGHT QUEST—Evaluation Rubric

All parts must be complete in order to receive the highest score.









Summary of Poem

Internet Notes & Research

All parts neat & complete

Complete but lacking detail. May be difficult to read

1 or 2 parts missing or very hard to read

3 or more parts missing

Venn Diagram

Fully developed

Complete but lacks detail



Organization and Presentation of PREZI

Accurate and neatly organized information. Easy to follow and creative.

Few minor errors in organization, but accurate information. Some creativity shown.

Some accurate information but too disorganized to follow. Little creativity.

Little to no effort to organize. Lacks accurate information and creativity



Conclusion: This project has either given you some brand ew information or has helped you gain a clearer understanding of what actually occurred that fateful night. You have learned that just because something might be considered “common knowledge” does not make it historically accurate.Both Longfellow’s poem and the writings of history have merit because each was written for a different purpose, and it is the reader’s job to evaluate what he reads. Time to share what you have learned! Well Done!!