In this WebQuest, students will be able to develop their guidance and creativity skills by creating promotional video. They will have learnt the right way to reach and give information. They are going the create a video describing Grand Bazaar.  


How to Bargain Like a Pro in Istanbul's Grand Bazaar and Elsewhere -  Istanbul Insider -




Did you go to Grand Bazaar? If you did, then you know how complicated that place is. That is why, people need your help. In this WebQuest, you will explore guiding.  Imagine that you’re a tour guide and have guests from the USA. You will introduce the grand bazaar to them and create a guide video using this site.


A Shop In The Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey. Stock Photo, Picture And  Royalty Free Image. Image 11707677.


At first, click on this link to learn about the history of Grand Bazaar. On the page, look for these questions. Where is it? Is it close to other historical places? Which public transport can we use to go there? What can we do there? What is the best time to visit?


A Turkish Historical Journey: Istanbul Grand Bazaar - Stamboulbazaar -  Online Turkish Shopping

After gathering all the neccesary informations, write a paragraph describing all the necessary informations about Grand Bazaar. Your paragraph should be around 350 words. Be sure to include all the essential things so that anyone who read your writing should be ready to travel in Grand Bazaar like a local. 


Before moving on, please click on this link to have a general information about shopping in Grand Bazaar.

When you finish reading, visit Grand Bazaar. Make sure to take a look to all the shopping items on the website. Take a picture of them. Look for the prices. Find out which item is more popular than others.  After travelling, create a list of shopping opportunities in your own word. List them by explaining their importance in Turkish culture. Include their popularity. 

Also in your writing, you should add the way to Grand Bazaar including trams, ferries, busses etc. Write suggestions to tourists who want to visit Grand Bazaar. In your suggestion, please write the most appropriate times to visit, scams, places to shop for cheaper budgets and money. 

When you finish writing, please add the pictures you took while searching for things to buy. Describe them with one sentences. 


Colourful ceramics for sale in the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey Stock  Photo - Alamy




Finally, even if you went to Grand Bazaar, you are obligated to do this activity. You will create your own Grand Bazaar Virtually using this tool :


Whatever you can find in Istanbul Grand Bazaar! - ATIA VIP Group











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2 (developing) 3 (qualified) 4 (exemplary) 5 (Excellent) SCORE
Information Quality            
Information Quantity            
Video Quality            
Video's Fluidity            

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Congratulations finishing your tasks! You did a great job. Now, looking back, which improvements would you like to make? Think about developing your tasks. 


İrem Demirel

Muhammet Tayyip Erdoğan

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Students want quick informations. They don't really like doing researches. They would prefer to use what is ready without producing one. In this study, we aimed to make our students strive for information. They should know that no data is always ready and they will always have to deal with finding a good resource.