Types of Transportation



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  •  At the end of the lesson students should be able to state the three types of transportation
  •  Identify 2 examples of  Air  Land and Water Transportation. 
  •  Explain what is transportation
  •  List three (3) importance of transportation 
  • Correctly state five (5) examples of land transportation 
  • Draw and colour five (5) examples of land transportation  

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The teacher and students will be participating in a game of charades transportation edition. In this game the teacher will pretend to be different types of transport for the different types of transportations while the students try to figure out what kind of transport it is and what type of transportation it belongs to. After the game of transportation charades the teacher will lead a discussion session discussing the activity they just did. 


The teacher will then ask the students what the topic is just to see if they are following. The teacher will clear up any incorrect topics and state the correct one. The students will be given a video on types of transportation to watch. 


The students will be given an activity to identify two examples of each type of transportation. 


 the teacher will hand out different toys to the students and let them explain the importance of each. For example, the teacher will fill up a truck with stones and have the students explain why trucks are important and to tell what they are used for. The teacher will put different pictures of transportation under the student’s tables and they will pick out which ones are land transportations. The teacher will also show the students a picture of a train and have them tell what it can be used for. Finally, plain paper, pencils and crayons will be given to the students so that they can draw, colour and write the names of their five transportations, whether from air, land or water or something from all three.

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Students should give a workable definition for  transportation, list three (3) importance and state five (5) examples.






0-1 marks


2 marks


3 marks

3 importance identify      
5 examples identify      
Student engagement      


#         Score

Total Score:

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Students we have now come to the end of our lesson on transportation. Remember there are three types of transportation Air transportation, Land transportation and Water transportation. With experiencing the world from different views. 


 The video used was from 



This topic transportation was taken from the grade 2 link to NSC.


The definition and importance of land transportation was retrieved from Money Matters All management Article which was public in October 2014.



The photos were retrieved from Google photos.

Teacher Page

Hello fellow educators, my name is Marissa Davis. This WebQuest on Transportation is created to make it easier in educating the students on what transportation is, the types of transportation,and the examples and the importance of land transportations. This WebQuest will take 45 minutes to an hour to be completed in the classroom. 

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