Understanding Fractions


Let's practice and understand how fractions work and how fractions can be applied in real life situations.


Your Task is to know how to

Identify Parts of a Fraction and 

Recognize equivalent fractions 

Know how to simplify fractions

Know how to compare fractions


You will complete an activity that involves all of the following task and you must be able to recognize and know how to properly deal with each fraction.



Identify part of the fraction

Understand fraction terminology 

Practice problem solving 

Do different activities and know the fraction rules and how to read fraction circles



Know and understand the basic concepts 

Be able to effectively compare, simplify, and read fractions

Be able to know and understand fractions In real life application 

Knowing how to pick out a fraction from a word problem


Continuous practice, self-reflection, and targeted improvement in identified areas of challenge contribute to the ongoing development of skills in working with fractions. You will gain confidence in knowing fractions the more you practice and the more you practice the more chance you have at mastering every part of fractions. Knowing how to input fractions in real-life situations will help you tremendously and it will help you further your mathematical learning.

Teacher Page

Learning Objective: Knowing and understanding how to properly solve fractions

Target Audience: Kindergarten -3rd