Understanding the Coordinate Plane



Understanding the coordinate plane is very important. Knowing how to plot points is essential to math. Without knowing how to correctly use the coordinate plane it is extremely hard to further your knowledge in the subject. You may find it hard to make the connection between the coordinate plane and real life. The coordinate plane has a number of uses in practical life. You have been selected to explore these uses.


You are already familiar with how to plot points and the coordinate plane in general terms. In this webquest your group will explore and make connections about the coordinate plane and the practical uses it has in life. You will also be given a few miscellaneous activities to practice the skills you have learned this week!


Process Part 1:

This process is to trigger the prior knowledge you have learned this past week. Once you have completed the following steps you will be ready to move on to process 2. (Remeber every group member must participate!)

1.) Review your notes you took this week over the coordinate plane.

2.) Go to this link and help Billy Bug find his grub.


3.) Go to the link below and catch the fly.



Process Part 2:

This process is to help you make connections between the coordinate plan and its real world practical uses.

1.) Go to the link and help Greg find his way through the museum.


2.) Go to the link belowand read the opener, watch the video, and do the first part of the activity.



Process Part 3:

This is the process you will be graded on. Write a short repsonse explaining the practical and real world uses of the coordinate plane.

The activities in Process Part 2 give two uses. You can use these examples in your response, but you must come up with atleast two more uses on your own. Each use must be explained with atleast one paragraph. You can only collaborate with your group members.

Look over the Rubric in the evaluation tab before you start.

(Hint: The two examples in Process Part 2 have something in common. The thing they have in common can contribute to many other uses.)


Rubric for Web Quest Assignment




  • Students understanding of concept is clearly evident
  • Students use logical thinking to come to a conclusion
  • Students describe two real-world uses of the coordinate plane in detail
  • Students complete ALL WebQuest activities
  • Every group member participates


  • Student understanding is somewhat evident
  • Students describe two real-world uses of the coordinate plane in some detail
  • Students come to a conclusion on the topic
  • Students complete MOST of the WebQuest activities


  • Student understanding is not evident
  • Students accurately describe one real-world use of the coordinate plane
  • Students come to a conclusion on the topic
  • Students complete SOME of the WebQuest activities



  • Student understanding is not evident
  • Student doesn’t accurately give any real-world uses of the coordinate plane
  • Student doesn’t come to a conclusion on the topic
  • Student doesn’t complete WebQuest activities

Congratulations you're finished! You have reviewed what you know about the coordinate plane and learned the practical and real life uses of it. You engaged independently in interactive online activities and used your critical thinking skills to discover other ways to relate the coordinate plane to real-world uses.


1.) Oswego for the Billy Bug Game.

2.) Hotmath for the Catch the Fly Game.

3.) Beacon Learning Center for the Greg's Grid Musuem Activity.

4.) Glencoe for Archeology and the Coordinate Plane.