Nutrition Coach


You have been hired as a nutritional coach for a local wellness center.  Your job is to talk with clients, evaluate their health and device a plan to help meet their nutrition needs. 


You will become familiar with the patient's health history and current level of health. It is your job to evaluate the needs of the patient, determine the diagnosis, and develop a nutritional plan to get them healthy once again.  You wiill need to read their health history, fill out the form attached, research possible illnesses/disorders and make a poster outling your nutritional plan. 


Follow the instructions below:

1.  Read the patient's health history

2.  Fill out the attached evaluation:

3.  Determine the needs and a nutrition plan

4.  Create a poster to outline major diet changes, foods that should be incorporated daily, and a menu plan for a week that accomodates the needs of the patient.