War Horse


During this exercise you will find answers to several questions about the roles that horses played in WW1.

Your tasks will take you to multiple websites that you must read through to find answers to the questions. Your final task is in the form of a presentation.


Task 1: You will receive a Think Sheet that has several questions you will answer.

Task 2: Navigate to the Army National Museum and read about the horses used in WW1. Use your think sheet write your responses to questions 1 - 8.

Task 3: Look at WarHorse facts to answer 9-11

Task 4: For question 12, read 12 Ways Animals Have Helped The War Effort

Task 5:  Your assignment is to present a  Google Slides presentation to share the most fasicinating two pieces of information you have learned about the role of horses in World War I.

Read the Evaluation tab - this is where the rubric is located.
It must include pictures and text.
It must be interesting to look at.
You must use your imagination!

  1. The student will go to the links provided and read and look at the information provided below.
  2. The student will take notes on his/her Think Sheets as to what his/her want to include in his/her presentation.
  3. The student will then open Google slides and begin to create his/her presentation, while leaving up this Webquest to double check their facts.


# Beginning Developing Very Good   Score
Information Some information is present, although credit is given to the source and it doesn't flow. At least five facts are present with credit given to the source and are chronological.  More than five facts are presented with credit to the source and are chronological.   6
Pictures One picture is copied and pasted correctly with credit given to the source on each page.  Two pictures are copied and pasted with credit given to the source on each page.  More than two pictures are copied, pasted, and resized (if needed) with credit given to the source on each page.   9
Grammar Words are misspelled, and punctuations are left out or used incorrectly at least 4 times overall.  Misspelled words and incorrect grammar and punctuation are no more than once per page. No spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors are present.   6
Visual appeal Only text and pictures are present but appropriately placed.  One or more extra things are done on each page to make it more interesting (but not clutter the presentation or distract the reader).  Extra things are done (fonts, centering, borders, etc) without distracting the reader or cluttering the presentation.   6

Total Score: 27



Tomorrow you will present your presentation to the class!

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War Horse by Michael Morpurgo