webquest task



     Have you ever done an introduction vlog about yourself?

     If not, get ready for a brand new adventure!

     This webquest will lead you through the steps of creating a vlog about you, your family and your country.

     To use the webquest, click the buttons of different stages of the task such as ''task'' and ''process''. On the process page, several tools and websites' links will be given should you need to use them while preparing your video.



     Your task is to create an introduction vlog about yourself, your family and your country for your class.

     Use your imagination while preparing the video. Include pictures of you and your family from the past and the present as well. Give brief information about your life and the proficiency you consider yourself doing in the future. 

     While you are presenting your country, use a digital poster or an infographic about your country. It should include some information about the country and several famous landmarks from there. You can find examples of posters and infographics; also the tools you will need to create them in the process section.

     Your video should be approximately 2 minutes long and the focus should be on your speaking. After you have finished your task, Do not forget to send a copy of your video.



     Find some pictures of you, your family, your country, its landmarks and your dream job. If you want to go further, find out about the culture of the country and include it in the infographic which you will put in the video. You can use the following links in your research.

* culture in Turkey

* landmarks of Turkey

* info about Turkey

     Creating a poster or an infographic is essential in this task since it is a good way to pass knowledge about a certain topic. You can create one and do a voiceover in your video of the facts that will be situated in the infographic / digital poster. You can use the following links to create the document. 

* canva

* postermywall


     Besides, here is a link to our blogs so that you can find examples of digital posters and infographics.

* Kutay's blog

* Berk's blog

     After you have gathered all the necessary images, texts, documents and recorded your voice; you can combine them via a video editor application like,

* movavi

* clipchamp

* vivavideo (mobile-android) (mobile- IOS)

* kinemaster (mobile-android) (mobile-IOS)

     Also, you can simply use the default video editor programs of your computers or mobile phones.








This is the criteria for your introduction vlog.

You will be given marks by these four main criteria. For a more detailed chart look below.

1-Speaking freely


3-Pronunciation and intonation

4-The materials


Beginner (1)

Developed (2)

Qualified (3)

Excellent (4)

Given Score


Speaking Freely

Reading from a source or material rather than speaking

Using notes to remember

Small pauses and notes

Presenting the well-prepared speech without a problem



Structure and Language

Comprehension difficulties caused by making a lot of mistakes

Some mistakes that take attention from the flow of the speech

Few mistakes that are somewhat present

Flowing speech that has little to no mistake



Pronunciation and Intonation

Incomprehension caused by poor pronunciation and intonation

Pronunciation is understood but no or little usage of intonation

A good pronunciation with an effort to intonate

Great usage of pronunciation and intonation in the speech




The materials used in the task

Little to no attention given to the instructions of the task thus not being able to use enough materials

Enough research is made so materials used in the task are adequate

Great deal of research is made so materials used in the task are well planned

Creating their own material and images while using materials online and making research