Asia Webquest


WebQuest - Geography of S+E Asia (10/19/15) (#1) - Click on the following links to find the answers to these 'Geography of S+E Asia' questions!SS7G9: 1) In reference to the "Himalayan Mountains," the world's tallest mountain range, what does 'Himalaya' mean?

2) What is the relationship between the "Gobi Desert" and the Silk Road?

3) Why is the "Ganges River" so important to the people of India?

4) Which countries border the "Sea of Japan?"

5) Which countries does the "Mekong River" flow through?

6) How large is the "Yangtze River?"

7) Where is the "Bay of Bengal" located?

8) How has the "Yellow River" been affected by pollution?

  SS7G10: 9) The Yangtze River absorbed more than _____% of China's waste water, and _____% of it is untreated.

10) How has the Indian government tried to eliminate some of the pollution that occurs in the Ganges River?

11) How is China's pollution affecting food production?

12) What caused massive flooding in Beijing, China during the summer of 2012?

  SS7G11: 13) Where do most people in China live?

14) When will India pass China as the most populous country in the world?

15) Although India covers only 2.4% of the world's land, it supports over _____% of the world's population.

  SS7G12: 16) According to Buddhists, what is included within the "4 Noble Truths?"

17) Where are the main locations that "Hinduism" is practiced?

18) How many people in Southeast Asia practice "Islam?"

19) In the world of Shintoism, who are the "kami?"

20) Why do many people consider "Confucianism" to be a philosophy instead of a religion?


(#2) - "Play the following 'Map Games' to practice finding our 14 landforms and 7 countries of S+E Asia!"

"Purpose Games" Maps: