Bali Webquest


Congratulations! You and your family have won a summer holiday to Bali, Indonesia. Everyone is feeling very excited as it is the first time traveling overseas. Bali is an island of Indonesia and is a popular tourist attraction, attracting thousands of Australians every year. Like Australia, the weather is warm, but the climate is tropical. 

 The only problem is that you do not know about the culture, food, people or the geography of Bali. 

How is life in Bali different and unique to your Australian life? 



                 HOLD UP A MINUTE! 

Before you start even thinking of packing, you and your family need to know all about Bali. 

There are so many thing to see and do in Bali that are very different from what you see in Australia. There is also a lot of different rules that should be followed when you are staying in Bali.  

Research as many differences as you can find between Bali and Australia. Present your research in an interesting and creative way that will educate your family. 

Are you ready to research how life in Bali is different to your Australian life?


You have ten lessons to complete these steps. You can work through these steps at your own pace but you must finish on time! 

At the end of each lesson, upload your information into a google slide. You need a seperate slide for each question. 

Watch this clip before you start 

Bali Video 

1) Outline Australia's geography, food, popular places and your culture

2) Research Bali's history, geography, food and culture. 

You may also use the following links to assist you in your research:

Bali Info 

Skwirk Info

Bali history

3) Research the climate of Bali and Australia. Write comparisons on the climate 

4) Watch the clip below on the environment in Bali. Make a slide with an action plan on how tourists and baliense locals could help to stop this problem of pollution. 

Pollution in bali 

5) Create a trailer using 'i movie' comparing the differences between Bali and Australia. 

6) Watch the Getaway YouTube clip of the culture/sights of Bali. Think about how the Bali environment has changed over time and the impact of these changes on the culture. Share your thoughts on the classroom. 


7) Watch the Youtube video of a Balinese dance below. Choose either the dancing or the music playing the background and share your thoughts on the classroom. 

HINT: If you are writing about the dancing, write about what you can see, the types of dance moves, the costumes and the overall mood created.

HINT: If you are writing about the music, write about the role of the music, the sounds created with the instruments and the overall mood created. 

Balienese dance

8) Create a slide or strip design with pictures to compare Bali to Australia. 

9) Talk about positives and negatives of living in Bali and Cronulla. Make a table on google slides showing a list for both 

10) Explore neighbouring countries and Islands of Indonesia. How are these places different to Indonesia. 

Remember to include a bibliography of where you found your information.