E. B. White's Stuart Little


Welcome to Book Week! 

This week we will continue reading Stuart Little. You will learn all about the author, E. B. White and other interesting things about the book. Let's get started!

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With your partner, you will research different websites to find out more information about E. B. White and the setting of Stuart Little.

Please write down any information you find on your notes paper.

Here we go!

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E. B. White is the author of Stuart Little, Charlotte's Web and The Trumpet of the Swan. 

1. click on these websites to learn more about E. B. White. Write down any information you learn. 



2. click on these websites to see some pictures of E. B. White and his house in New York.

** http://study.com/cimages/multimages/16/eb_white_and_his_dog_minnie.png





3. E. B. White's house in New York inspired the setting for Stuart Little. Click on these websites to learn more about where E. B. White and Stuart Little lived.

Here is a map of New York:


These have some interesting facts about New York:



Here are some amazing pictures of New York!





After you are finished with all of these websites, click on "conclusion" on the top


**With your partner, write at least 7 sentences about what you learned. Use your notes to help you!

** Draw 2 pictures. Decide who will draw a picture of E.B. White and who will draw a picture of New York. Do your very best and make sure to color!

**Be ready to show your pictures to the class and tell what you learned.