Your Quest is to find out about a famous explorer. 

Look at these web sites to help you get started.



Watch these videos about Kupe discovering New Zealand and Polynesian Explorers


You can work alone or in pairs.

Choose one explorer from either the websites on the links in the introduction OR one from this list:

  • James Cook 
  • Kupe
  • Abel Tasman
  • Edmund Hillary
  • Marco Polo
  • Christopher Columbus

Answer these Questions

  1. Where did your explorer come from?
  2. When did he or she explore?
  3. How did they travel?
  4. Where did he or she go? Map their journey.
  5. Why did they go on their journey? What were they hoping to find?
  6. What did they find?
  7. How is this explorer remembered?
  1.  Watch the videos
  2. Click on the links to the different pages and read about the different explorers.
  3. Choose one explorer to research
  4. Write the answers to the questions on the task page in your concept book.
  5. Decide on how you will present your information - slideshow, poster or thinglink

Make a quiz for the rest of the class to fill in to see if you have taught them enough about your explorer.  This will be in a google form quiz that you share with the class.


Enjoy your Learning Journey