Gladiators/Life in the Colosseum



The year is 80 A.D. The place is the Roman Empire.  You, my friend, have been sent back to this time period to experience life from a gladiator's perspective.  Wow! Just think about it! What would that have been like? How did one even become a gladiator? Who would you be fighting? What would you get out of it?

Then there is the Colosseum, this huge stadium that seats 50,000 people from all classes of the Roman Empire.  You are right in the midst of everything! What will you see, hear, smell and feel as you walk through the different parts of the building that still survives today?

You are about to begin a fascinating journey through a great time in Roman history. Are you ready to get started?  Fortunatos! (good luck)


What are you going to do?

You will complete this webquest in order to learn about life as a gladiator and the Colosseum, the stadium where gladitoral combat took place. You will need to take notes over the information as you go.  Once you have completed all parts of this webquest you will create a two part- Powerpoint or Prezi to showcase your knowledge of what you learned.

Part One-The first part of your presentation should showcase your knowledge of life as a gladiator.  The following slides should be covered:

1. Slide one-title page with your name, title and minimum of one picture.

2. Slide two-How did the gladiator games begin?

3. Slide three-Slaves as Gladiators: How were you captured? What did it feel like to be captured? If you were not chosen to be a gladiator, what other jobs might you be made to do? 

*If you are NOT a slave-then why would a person chose to become a gladiator?

4. Slide four- What is the gladiator school called? What is a lanista?

5. Slide five-Who are some of the people you meet at the school? How or why are they there?

6. Slide six-Name 3 types of gladiators and what they would need to fight.

7. Slide seven-Why would a promoter rather see a gladiator wounded, rather than killed? What does "Habet,hoc, habet" mean? Who decided if the gladiator lived or died?

8. Slide eight-What would happen to the dying gladiator? How did gladiators help each other with the "collegia"? How would the gladiators help if one of them died?

9. Slide nine-List some of the emperors who participated in the games. How did they make sure they would win?

*All of your slides should have at least one picture to go along with the information and your information should come from the sources provided.

Part two:

Put yourself into the shoes of a gladiator-think about how you came to be a gladiator. If you are a slave- how did it feel to be captured and what was the journey like to Rome?  If you are free and chose this lifestyle then why did you decide to do this? What was the school like? What kind of gladiator did you train to become and why?  Once you are ready to fight, what is the day of the fight like? What do you see as you go through the Colosseum? Who are you fighting? What happens to you?

These are all things to think about as you complete part two which is two diary entries from your perspective as a gladiator. 

*Each diary should be on a seperate slide.

* Each entry should be seven -10 sentences long.

*Each diary entry should be historically accurate-USE YOUR RESEARCH!


These are the following sites you will use to take notes: (Start here!)…

(Play this game AFTER you finish your notes)…

( take a tour through the Colosseum as it was during Rome's time- this would be good infor for your diary entries!)

(Get up close and personal on the floor of the Colosseum!)


 You will be evaluated on the following:

Gladiator: A effort (to get this grade you should do the following:

Content-Information was complete and accurate

Editing/Proofreading-Shows evidence of proofreading/no errors found.

Design of PowerPoint/Prezi- Followed the requirements, very neat, looks great!

Diary Entries-Neatly done, accurate, obviously put a lot of thought into creatively writing the history into your fictional entries.

Due date- turned in by or on due date.

Gladiator in Trainig-Medium effort (to get a mid range grade you should do the following:)

Content:Information for the most part was accurate, did have details missing or incorrect.

Editing/Proofreading: Some errors found, overall ok.

Design of PowerPoint/Prezi-Overall neat, but may be missing some requirements in the slide or diary entries section.

Diary Entries- nice looking, for the most part accurate, put some thought into creatively writing your entries.

Due date-meets due date/ late

Sent back to the stone quarry! -Little to no effort ( to get a low grade you should do the following:)

Content: information was incomplete and had many errors.

Editing/Proofreading:  i forggot to edit mi missstakes?

Design of PowerPoint/Prezi-this is your best effort? Slides are either missing or incorrect in their information. Overall looks rushed.

Diary Entries-Short, not accurate, rushed, not much creativity or history in your entries.

Due Date- Meets due date or late


Congratulations! You have made it to the end of your journey! I hope you enjoyed your travels through time and most importantly learned what life would have been like for the gladiators of ancient Rome.

Teacher Page

This webquest was created by Mrs. Rast for her sixth grade social studies classroom.