People in my community(The Farmer)


Hello my friends are we ready to learn about our helpful community workers? Well lets go we are about to embark a journey to find out about one of these helpful community workers!!

            Do you know who plant and grow food? The nice juicy fruits and lovely green vegetables, I wonder too, even the animals like cows and pigs, goats and sheep that give us meat and milk to drink. Guess who rear them and make them so big. Ahhh I know who do all this work it is one of our community helper it’s the Farmer!!!!


In this task your objective is to visit the farm house and observe the different things on the farm, the animals and crops, you are then required to do a treaure hunt,for the animal that bark and the tree that grow mango fruit and either take a picture or draw it. The picture should be paste in scrap book under the heading “Trip to the Farm”. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Step 1:

Students will be taken to a big farm where there is will be asked to observe the things on the farm; they will take a tour the farm with the guidance of the farmer he will speak to them about each things that he show them on the farm. They will ask to the write two things that the farmer shown them on the farm.


The farmer will allow the students to work in groups doing small task on the farm like milking the cows are watering plants, they will share their experience at the end of the task.

Step 3:

Students will have a treasure hunt in which they will look for the animal that bark and the tree that bear the fruit mango when they have found it they will then draw or take a picture of them and paste them in the Scrap book under the heading “ Trip to the farm” .


  1. Who is a farmer?
  2. Name three things that  farmer grow on his farm
  3. Which one of the animal on the farm gives us beef to eat?

If you were able to answer all answer all question where on where way if not you need to do  further research on “the farmer” or visit my blogger by clicking the link below.


The Farmer is a very important person in the community he provides food that make us strong and healthy. The farmer who can be male or female also rear animals that gives us meat and milk to eat and drink. The farmer is very important to the community and to the person who sells at the market.


Thanks will like to go out to these cite and person;

Lecturer: Mr. Isaac  Onywere

The Jamaica Early Childhood Guide for children four to five

Teacher Page

This web quest was created for k2 class from their curriculum under the theme People in my community and the sub theme The Farmer. This was created for the children to develop an understanding of the farmer and what he does. The quest also has the task in which will allow the students to get a real experience of visiting the farm.  This quest was fun and excited for me and I hope it will be for the students as  well I look forward    to make another one in the future for my real classroom