Wet Felting


In this webquest you will learn about the wet felting techinque and the Mongolian culture who still produces felt in this technique by hand.


In this lesson we will be creating our own sheet of wet felted fabric.

Section One

Here are some facts about wet felting.  View the website and respond to the questions on your worksheet.


Section Two

On the last webpage they noted that the Mongolians live in felt covered homes called yurts.  In this video you will see the process of creating the large pieces of felt to cover their homes.  While watching the video answer the questions on your worksheet.  Preview these questions prior to the video so you know what to look for.

Here are some more images of felt covered yurts:

Section Three

Now you will watch a video demonstrating the wet felting process we will be completing. You can start at the 1:29 mark of the video.