Westward Expansion: The Journey of Lewis and Clark


As we continue to look into westward expansion, we will spend extra focus studying various expeditions that had a large impact on expansion for America. One of the expeditions is known as the Journey of Lewis and Clark. This documents the exploration of the Louisiana Purchase and follows the journey of Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, and Sacagawea, among others. 


You will be exploring the purchase of the territory as well as the journey that was taken. 

You will click on the links provided and answer the questions on a separate sheet of paper. 


Your first task is to research the reason behind the Journey of Lewis and Clark- The Louisiana purchase.

Click on the link, explore the timeline, and answer the questions 1-2:



Look at the following map depicting the journey of Lweis and Clark. Answer questions 3-4.  

Lewis & Clark

Explore the link and answer the following questions. 



1. Who did we buy the territory of Louisiana from? 

2. What year was the Louisiana Purchase made? 

3. How many states did they explore on their way to the Pacific Ocean?

4. Do you think this was an easy task based on the area and landforms noted on the map?

5. Who were Lewis and Clark?

6. How did they prepare for their journey, not knowing the land that they would be exploring?

7. How would you describe their encounters with Native Americans?

8. Was Sacagawea an asset to the exploration? Why or why not? 

9. How long did their Journey last? Support your answer with dates. 

Teacher Page

Throughout this WebQuest students will explore westward expansion by looking at the Louisiana Purchase and The Journey of Lewis and Clark. 7c.10.2 

Standard: 7c.10.2