What decade could you have the most success in?


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Have you ever wondered if you belong in the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, etc.? Well, here is your chance to experience three decades of your choice! You will get to time travel to your decades and decide which one you could have lived in!


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You are ready to time travel! Pack your bags and get ready to choose three decades of your liking!

You will find information during your time travel by:

1: Taking notes about your three decades

2: Read and explore different things about your decades

3: Creating a Pros and Cons of your decades


Explore the decade you choose.

You will want to take notes and read in order to do your Pros and Cons of your decade.

1.) 50's 

ART MOVEMENTS IN THE 50'S | Based Istanbul

Are you the type pf person to listen to Elvis and have a good time at the diner with friends? Well look no further, the 50's is your decade! Click here to learn more about the 50's! 

After reading and exploring the 50's take notes about this decade.

2.) 60's

The '60s - TV Tropes

Afros, lava lamps, mini skirts, and Go-go boots ruled the 60's! Is that you? If so, click here and read to learn more about the 60's!

After reading and exploring the 60's take notes about this decade.

3.) 70's

LIFE Celebrate the 70's: The Editors of LIFE: 9781547853779: Amazon.com:  Books

Could you see yourself in the 70's, exploring hamburger helper and wearing tie-dye everything? If so, click here to learn everything 70's related!

After reading and exploring the 70's take notes about this decade.

4.) 80's

Amazon.com: BizoeRade 80s Photo Booth Props, 38pcs 80s Photo Booth, 80s  Party Supplies, Suitable for 1980s Party, 80s Birthday Party, Rock Party:  Toys & Games

Can you see yourself saying totally after every sentence and loving playing pa-man? If so, click here to learn more about the 1980's!

After reading and exploring the 80's take notes about this decade.

5.) 90's

90 things we love about the '90s - BBC Three

Is your favorite player Michael Jordan? Can you see yourself listening to Tupac and watching saved by the bell every day? If so, this decade is perfect for you! Click here to learn about everything 90's related!

After reading and learning the 90's take notes about this decade.

Now that you have taken notes on the three decades of your choice, create a word document and list 8 Pros and Cons about your decades.

Pros and Cons should include:

-Bullet Points





This is how your work will be evaluated.

  Beginning 1 Developing 2 Qualified 3 Exemplary 4 Score
Pros Shows 3 or less Pros Shows 4-5 Pros Shows 6-7  Pros Shows 8 Pros  
Cons Shows 3 or less Cons Shows 4-5 Cons Shows 6-7 Cons Shows 8 Cons  
Creativity Shows very little creativity on the scrapbook page. Beginning to show some creativity on the scrapbook page. Shows creativity on the scrapbook page. Very creative on the scrapbook page.   
Pictures Includes one photo. The chosen photo wasn't correctly identified Includes two photos. Only one photo was correctly identified Includes two photos. The two chosen photos were correctly identified Includes one picture for each of the three places visited. The chosen photos for each place were correctly identified.   





What Was the Best Decade?? 50's 60's 70's 80's Slank Slim 90's 👍🏾👍🏾 |  80s Meme on ME.ME

Now that you have been able to explore different decades, could you survive those decades?

Teacher Page

Teacher Introduction

By ShaKylan Cunningham

This webquest is designed for students to explore different decades through history.

I think it is important for students to see how America was in different decades in order to fully understand where we have came from. There has been strides that this country has taken from decade to decade and each decade is important of our nation's history. This impacted my choice to choose decades for my students to learn.

Students will spend:

1. 2-3 days working through the WebQuest

2. 1 class period completing their Pros and Cons

3. 1 class period presenting the decades they chose and the Pros and Cons for each.

After the presentations:

Have a discussion about each decade and what the class learned from each.

*I recommend teaching the decades before this assignment.*