Health fads                                      Details                                      
Cricket cleanse  It might sound gross but it is very good for people.
Butter coffee  Actually this fad sounds yum and it is very good for you.
Blood type diet  I would not like to try this fad but it might be a good fad to others.
Clay cleanse  Clay cleanse is one of the best cleanses in the world.
Charcoal cleanse  Charcoal cleanse is very good because nurses use it to wash away poison.



1. Clay cleanse is promoted by television, magazines, newspapers, and google.


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3. I think that clay cleansing is successful because lots of people around the world uses it and loves it so they tell other people and other people use it.

4. I think that clay cleansing is not successful with having to clean up because every time people use it they have to wash it off and it starts to get messy.

5. I would like to try and do the butter coffee fad, charcoal cleanse fad, or the clay cleanse fad.

6. The other three fads I would like to not try is the charcoal cleanse fad, blood type fad, or the cricket cleanse fad.

7. I think that for the charcoal cleanse fad I think that its bad how it could make you sick if you don't have any poison that needs to wash away, with the blood type diet I think that it would be disgusting and will give you bad breath, and with the last one I have a fear of crickets no way would I try the cricket cleanse.

           Health Fad                             Paleo Fad
Name, Age, Gender Meghan Fox, 31, Female
Duration of Fad Paleo Fad takes only about 10 minutes
Reason for going on Health Fad The reason for going on the fad was to lose more weight
Symtoms The Symtoms of this fad is that this fad is not a Healthy Fad
What the Fad achieved The Fad achieved the attention of people around the world who use this Fad
Details of other cases This Fad is not like other Fads it is different in many ways

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1. Clay Cleanse is one of the most best Healthy fads in the world. It is very good for dead skin and smooth soft skin.

2. There are so many people in this world that are using the clay cleanse right this second including famous people.

3. The side effects of the Fad is that 50 percent of the world love this type of cleanse or diet.

4. Most people some can eat it or drink it. I know that might sound confusing but they can.


Worksheet 5 word document.


I have learnt through tasks I have been given, that important information should be included when you learn about health fads. I have learnt how to advertise things, know what health fads are, and how to promote them. I think that people should advertise their fads to get people to want to get it. I think that it will work if they just advertise it.