In chapter 5 we are going to be learning about WW I. You will have to find these facts about WW I, so you will have some background on the war. You are also to find 5 random facts about the war. This webquest is the first part of writing your paper on WW I You are to use any resources you can to find the answers to the questions.


Please answer these following questions.

Question 1 

When did the war start?

Question 2

How many people died in the war?

Question 3

What was the cause of the war?

Question  4

Who won the War and when did it end

Question 5

Did this lead to WW II?


You are to find 5 facts about the war, and the class will compare them and we will see how many different facts we can get about the war. List them with the website that you got them from. Also you are to draw a picture of something that happen during the war. You can use colored pencils or crayons. 


I will check the answers to the questions and make sure your facts are right. Then we will as a class go over every fact and talk about them.


Each question is 2 points. Each fact is 2 points. 1 for the fact being right and 1 for having a source for the fact. 5 points for drawing a picture of WW I. The total assignment will be worth 15 points