10 Criteria of Civilization in the U.S.A


By: Alexander Crawford


The goal of this assignment is to identify each of the criteria of civilizations in the USA. 

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You have learned the ten criteria of civilizations in class. Your goal for this assignment is to identify the 10 criteria of civilization in the United States. Write your answers for this webquest in your weekly journal. 


In this assignment, the resources below will help you find the answers, and even more useful information. Please use these resources, and other reliable resources, to gather your information. 



Also, your textbook is always a great resource.


Needs Improvement







Understands criteria of civ. Student does not understand the ten criteria.  Student mostly understands the ten criteria. Student has firm grasp on the ten criteria.  
Gives examples of each criteria of civilization in US. The student provides less than 2 examples per criteria. The student provides examples for all criteria. The student provides 2+ examples for all criteria.   
Clean, well presented paper with correct grammar and spelling The presentation is tattered, grammar and spelling are not corrected. The presentation looks nice, very little grammar and spelling mistakes.  The presentation is very clean, well put together, and there are 0-2 grammar/spelling mistakes.   



As you have learned, there are ten criteria for civilizations. In this assignment, you were to identify examples of these criteria in the USA. What criteria do you feel is the most important? Would you add any criteria?


All websites were found using Google. 

The website used for the links were prezi, and the Ancient History Encyclopedia. The picture used in the first page was also from the Ancient History Encyclopedia. 

Teacher Page

This webquest is to help teach about the criteria needed to be considered a civilization. The students should write these answers wherever you direct them to. The information is in the textbook as well as in the resources provided. 

Materials needed:

  • webquest
  • paper
  • patience :)