50 States of America


When America first became a country, we had 13 colonies and we now have 50 states! Each state has their own capital and lots of other important history that makes it unique. Before continuing reading, try to name as many states as you can. The goal of this quest is to learn more about the 50 States of America by researching an assigned state and presenting your information to the class. 

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You will be required to research your state I give you and present it to the class. There are three things you have to include in your presentation and two things you get to add as extra information. The first thing you must include is when your state became a state. This includes the year it became a state, how it got its name, and what did they call it before they gave it a name. The next thing you have to research is what does your state produce for others. The last thing you have to include is three important or interesting places within your state. For the extra information, this can include what the state flag looks like or important people who came from your state. 

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1. For step one, each student will draw a state out of a basket and which ever state you get is what you do your project over. 

2. Next you research. All of your information will need to be added to a Google Slide at some point so to keep things organized you may make one as soon as possible. Here are a few websites you can get your research from. 




3. I will check everyone's slides before presentation day to make sure everyone is completing their project correctly.

4. Each student will present their project to the class 

       Poor 0 Fair 1 Excellent 3 Total
Student had all required information in slides  Had no information  Had some information but not all  Student had all required information   
Student had extra information included in slides Student has no extra information  Student included some extra information but not enough Student had informative extra information   
Student included pictures and graphic content in slides Had no pictures on slides  Students had some pictures but not a lot  Student included a lot of pictures to go with each slide  
Student presented loud and clear for the class  Student was quiet and did not know information on slides  Student presented well but could not understand/ did not know information on slides Student knew all the information on the slides and presented clearly  







Knowing all the states in the United States is very important for all students to know. Everyone should know where each state is located and the history that goes along with it. After learning about all 50 states, which state would you most like to move to and why?

List of states of United States of America List of states of United States of America with state names. Colorful print for t-shirt, poster or geographic themes. Hand-drawn red, blue and white colors with states. Vector Illustration List stock vector


I would like to thank my professor for helping me set up my Webquest. 

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By Laken Rockford

This was created to help students understand and learn about the 50 States of America. It is important for everyone to know where each state is in the country and the history that made it.