Hi to my fifth grade students, Ms. Walton here! Today, we will embark on a wondrous journey! As a class, we will travel to all fifty states! America is full of history that we can learn and talk about! Every state is unique in it’s own way! Ms. Walton is so excited to learn about all of the states! 


There are twenty five students in this class, which means each student will have to research two states! We will be drawing from Ms. Walton’s box-o-fun to see which states you will be learning about! You will gather as much information as you can—state flower, state animal, state flag—and be presenting it to the class! These will then be put out in our classroom for others to enjoy until The United States of America is completed!


Please read every single step before you begin!

1. After we have established your two states, please choose any of the websites I have provided for you to do your research. 

2. Find facts, such as state flower, state colors, or any other fact you find interesting. You must have at least five!

3. Then, Ms. Walton will provide you with two sheets of paper to begin with (If you need more, please do not hesitate to ask). You will fold this paper into three sections and make a brochure!

4. Please put the name of your state, a drawing or print out of your state’s flag, and the year it became a state! This will be your cover and will give readers an insight of what they are reading about. Make sure you use your best handwriting or you type your facts! Everyone will be able to use these whenever!

5. Inside put all of your facts, along with drawings or pictures regarding your facts! Make it fun!

6. Lastly, put your name on the back!

Here are the websites I want you to use!






Ms. Walton will be evaluating four things!

1. Is your project completed? Make sure you completed every step!

2. Does it have color or pictures? That’s what makes these brochures fun to look at!

3. Are the facts from the websites I provided? I don’t want you making up facts about any state that can spread false information!

4. Presentation! Be loud and clear and do your best! It could be scary, but we’re all here to support you!


Be creative and have fun! This is mainly about what you learned, so do not stress over it! Make it something you’d want to see! Remember these will be available whenever you need them! Ms. Walton is proud of the work you’ve done so far and we’re almost done with this chapter! You’re gonna rock this project!


Thank you to these websites for helping Ms. Walton’s class out on their amazing projects!