5th Grade Unit C: Clues to a Culture


5th Grade Unit C: Clues to a Culture


For the next few weeks, you will be learning about Native Americans in your classroom. You will read texts, watch videos, and research information.

This WebQuest will get you started on your journey. Naviagte the websites about Native Americans to learn interesting facts and add to your schema!




Complete your "Clues to a Culture Detective" sheet by using the link below and following these directions:

1) Put your name on the sheet.

2) Look at the directions.

3) Scan the questions quickly.

4) Use this link to complete the WebQuest:  http://www.factmonster.com/ksearch.php3?fr=more&query=native+americans&start=1&n=10

5) Ready? Go!


Turn in your detective sheet to your teacher. She will grade your work.



Did you add to your existing schema about Native Americans? Want to learn more?

Enjoy Unit C, and let your thinking grow and change as you explore new texts and concepts.